Thursday, February 11, 2021

X-Men In The MCU Part 2 (WandaVision Preditions/Questions)

<<<Spoilers after the break!!! Do not read if you have not seen or kept up with WandaVision!!! You have been warned!!!>>>

Updated 2.14.2021

The first post I put on here was how the X-Men could be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Disney has begun the baby steps of the process by introducing X-Men Universe's Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in episode 5 of WandaVision. I was honestly not too interested in the show up until this point.

So far, Wanda has is being expressed as the protangonistic antagonist by being the reason that the reality they currently live in Westview (2024 timeline) is all a fabrication. She is using her powers to hold Westview hostage as all of its population is a held hostage and "cast" in her "perfect dreamworld." Let's get into my points...


How are they going to explain Peter's Quicksilver being there? There's got to be some further explanation on time and universe jumping which will most likely be covered in future episodes or some other MCU project... Obviously... I really just want to think out loud and maybe spark some other theories which I will edit onto this post or maybe another one so that the time stamp on this one remains the same.


Correct me if I'm wrong but the Vision she is controlling is "dead" as her hallucinations seem to express, and just being reanimated by her powers; however he still seems to have some of his consciousness intact as he has progressively been questioning the reality they are in. I believe Shuri has the "real" Vision or a backed up version of him pre Thanos murder, somewhere in a Wakanda "cloud." Wakanda has all the Vibranium in the world to reproduce or maybe even make a new-and-improved body for Vision. I know it's a reach but if they can explain something that can be the equivalent of the Mind Stone OR Wanda traveling to get her own Mind Stone can bring back Vision. The future projects coming up might piece it all together.

As it already has been publicized and even confirmed on iMDB, Dr. Strange will be in Spider-Man 3 and Wanda is in Dr. Strange 2 so there's going to be a lot of craziness coming up.

This may be the way they introduce the Wakanda show project for Disney+ where I will go back to my first X-Men x MCU prediction and introduce Storm into the picture and slowly bring more bits and pieces of the X-Men.


I'm no expert but I have been a fan of Marvel way before the Disney buyout and I am getting more excited to see how this is all going to play out. Well played Disney... Well played...

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