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Movie of The Year 2021: Spider-Man: No Way Home (***WARNING!!! SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!!!!***)



This post is a half-assed review filled with spoilers and a few predictions for Spidey's future. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so please do not hit the jump until you have seen the movie. You have been warned!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is my favorite movie that as come out this year. If you had seen the trailers and follow me on Instagram, I posted some predictions about Dock Ock; and I was spot on. Following the review section, I will post more predictions for Holland's Peter Parker moving forward.

The Review

In my opinion, No Way Home still didn't hit as hard as Spider-Man 2's train scene. To me, that still represents my childhood view of what a true hero would do to put the safety of others above their own. But with that in mind, the interaction between Maguire and Molina on the Statue of Liberty really hit hard. That's right, just as more than half the world predicted, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprise their roles as their respective renditions of Spider-Man. They were brought in so goofily and beautifully that the moment was well written and captured the essence of both Spider-Men and what they brought to the table during their times as Peter Parker.

I'm not the only one who mentioned this but Garfield seemed to be the butt of most jokes as he was the "cool" Peter Parker who had the least experience. They even touched on his arrogance and had both Toby and Tom act underwhelmed when he mentioned how easy defeating Lizard would be. Regardless of this fact, the chemistry between all three was beyond great to see.

My favorite scene in the movie would have to be when Dock Ock saves Maguire and Garfield and the interaction they had genuinely felt similar to that of a proud father to his son. That scene was a beautiful call back to what you already knew and along with Holland succeeding in giving Octavius a second chance, and to see Octavius greet Peter with genuine pride for his prodigy and how he sees that Tobey is using his gifts to make the world a better place, just as they had discussed in his apartment.

The movie lives up to his title as Dr. Strange repairs the damage both he and Peter created at the first half of the movie. To repair everything, Peter had to agree complete the spell properly and have absolutely no one remember him. So at the end, Peter loses all his friends and family and no one, including the Avengers and Happy Hogan, forgot Peter Parker ever existed. As Wong said, this spell carries over between the known and the unknown, so Tobey and Garfield's Parkers were probably forgotten as well... We'll see...

I think Sony subtly reset Holland's Spidey to keep him even longer since his entire universe which is also connected to the MCU, does not even remember his as Spider-Man. This extends Sony's contract to keep Spider-Man from Disney and I am all for this because Disney can't win everything.


Obviously there are so many different directions that Sony can take Spidey. Currently with the Venom post credit scene, it seems that Hardy's Brock doesn't even know that the Blip (Thanos 5-Year Snap) ever happened so that means, he was also pulled from a separate universe and conveniently left a piece of the Symbiote in Mexico. It seems like if they will not bring back Hardy's Brock to reprise Venom in this universe, then it may go to Tony Revolori's Flash Thompson, to which I would be disappointed in but that's just me. Absolutely nothing against Revolori, but all this work into bringing Hardy into the MCU needs a huge payoff. If you know me, you know that Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors and for years I have been saying that he would be the perfect Eddie Brock and Sony delivered. I feel like they are going to explain the white spider logo by the Symbiote attaching itself to a darker, lonelier Peter Parker and then it will reattach to the new Venom with the emblem. Again, I can only hope it is brock again but we'll all have to wait for when the moment actually happens.

I think they are slightly hinting at Ned being a new prodigy for Dr. Strange as even Strange was reluctantly amazed at how he was able to open portals just wearing his ring and waving his arm in circles.

I think Strange updated the spell during the scene where he sent Holland to say his good-byes. Without Holland distracting him, he can make the necessary alterations to make certain things "right." I think the next movie will explain a time limit on how long MJ, Ned, and a handful of others will forget Peter ever existed and then remember him with some climactic event.

The next villains could be Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Scorpion, and/or Vulture (as they teased them in Homecoming). I am hoping for some misunderstandings between Hardy's Brock and Holland's Parker to explain them coming together and then a build up to a Spider-Man x Venom team-up.

I am not going to get Dr. Strange 2 and I will probably save that for another post... Another with my opinions on Dune... Underwhelming...

Your thoughts are welcome below.

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