Sunday, July 26, 2020

Toy Story 5 Prediction Part 1

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DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly just for fun and me just expressing the crazy things I think about.

So I was watching Toy Story 4 with my family recently and my original opinion of the movie was that it was unnecessary and that Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending. Don't get me wrong, this was still a good movie and I will give it to Disney for making a different kind of impact from part 3. Now this is just my opinion, but Disney making additional movies should be no surprise as they've been doing with say... Star Wars... and straight to VHS movies like Lion King 2, Aladdin: The Return of Jafar, etc. It doesn't always work out because it comes off more as a cash grab than a meaningful addition to further the stories we love but that's also just the opinion of a grown man who can't not watch the great stuff Disney does release.

So it hit me as the movie was coming to an end that even though this is the second or third time, they said the Toy Story series has come to a close, I'm sure we'll get a surprise sequel within the five years. So this is the story I've come up with and let's see if they go this route...

Within the Toy Story universe we've grown to love, just as Buzz Lightyear was such a huge hit; in parallel to our real world where reboots are huge; a new version of Woody figure has been announced. The classic that was long forgotten has had a huge demand and expectations for a return so modern movie was announced. With this brand new movie comes a new product line of toys. Woody is no longer that rag doll with a pull string but now something closer to a GI Joe, or even Duke Caboom.

As we saw in Toy Story 4, the original Woody stayed as a "lost toy" with Bo Peep since he has fulfilled his purpose. So this new story will revolve around the gang that was left with Bonnie. I say a few years have passed and Bonnie now has a younger brother just as Andy had Molly. There have been some changes in the lineup as some toys were given away, sold at a yard sale, but the group is still dominantly together as hand-me-downs to this younger brother.

As a call back to the original Toy Story, it is Bonnie's younger brother's birthday and the toys are anxious to find out what new toys are being introduced. The final toy is this new version of Woody. So much more modern and... badass... I'm picturing something similar to Marvel Legends figures. I picture this new and improved Woody to be voiced by another Tom. Tom Cruise! Yes this is my story and my dream casting so if you have any better ideas on who could voice the new Woody then please do not hesitate to share below.

As another call back to the Original Toy Story this new Woody genuinely think's he is a real Cowboy and a Sheriff. It is now Buzz Lightyear's turn as the new leader to show this new Woody how he is a just a toy. The major difference with this story is that Buzz is not intimidated by the new Woody and just remembers how hard everything was in the original movie. Let's not forget Woody's attempted murder. Yeah, that's what it was and you can't sugar coat it. So this is how the new Woody is introduced and the angle I feel Toy Story 5 will take. I named this "Part 1" because I will further build on my version of a potential Toy Story 5. Just wanted to put this out there so that if Disney does take my idea, everyone will know that they saw it here first.

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