Sunday, January 26, 2020

Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia is Awesome

I Can't Stop Playing and I Love It

This is kind of going to be a review but also to give you tips in case you're planning on getting it after this. Even though this game has been out since 2018, I just discovered it about a month or two ago and it has been my go-to mobile game and has taken the place of FR Legends which I have consistently played since release.

The Character Designs and Moves Are as Epic as Ever

In case you didn't know, my favorite FF character has always been Squall Leonheart from FF VIII. The funny thing is that I loved FF VIII for the Gunblades and the fact that it had a happier ending than FF VII. I know... I know... but hey, I was only twelve and didn't understand too much of what I was playing until a little later on.


Bi-weekly Banner Draws for Epic Weapons

Save your gems - Gem are relatively easy to come buy without having to use real money. You get about 100 gems for regular story missions so after 10 missions you get 1K. Simple enough. You can literally gather thousands by the day. Even though this is so, I highly recommend saving your gems for characters and weapons that are most beneficial to you and your personal playing style. Whether it's to get your favorite character(s) EX weapons, or weapons for support characters you feel worth building; save it for those banner pulls instead of just doing a multi-draw as soon as you have 5K for that guaranteed 5 star weapon.

Mix your teams' crystal colors. Don't have more than one of the same crystal on your team. - This one's a bit tricky. The thing is, not only are you leveling your characters through EXP, as you do like every other FF or RPG; you're also building up their designated crystal strengths as well. The reason it is important to mix crystal colors is so that you can evenly distribute your crystals instead of depleting the same color on two or three different characters when you could be focusing on the support characters with abilities that are more beneficial to you in the long run. My current go-to team is Squall (FF VIII / Black), Vaan (FF XII / Red), and Yuna (FFX / White).

Summon support characters on the final wave - Before every battle you can select another player's primary support character. I always like to pick crazy strong group attackers such as Agrias, Cloud, or Barrett so that they take away a good amount of HP from the "Boss" and then my main team can handle the rest.

Mix roles in your team - Try not to just keep it at pure melee attackers. I learned the hard way that the game does require some support characters in your team as well as a mix of melee, ranged, and magic attacks. Also, with a good mix, the battles don't get boring since you get to test out which team is best for you and enjoy all of their battle animations. I have two different team layouts. I always try to have: 1) one strong melee attacker, one magic or range attacker, and one BRV battery or healer or (2) one strong melee attacker, one strong group attacker, and one BRV battery or healer. These two have proved most useful for me when trying to clear the different chapters or side quests.

Pros VS Cons

Hope the aforementioned tips helped. I will be doing more reviews of other games and apps. For now, here are the pros and cons that I found. It's subjective but this is how the game is to me personally:

-Huge selection of FF characters for all FF fans to enjoy and they consistently add more characters on a bi-weekly basis. This alone is a great reason behind its replay value.
-Relatively easy to gather up gems and crystals without having to use real money.
-Graphics for a mobile app are beyond amazing.
-Developers are active on Reddit and Twitch, so they do listen to the fans

-5 star EX weapons are primarily acquired by chance on the banner draws, or in the 60+ level missions which are also consistently changing. So if you're like me and you don't want to spend real money to get the best weapons, it may take a while for you to get them.
-Not a big one but since not all characters are available, you may have to wait until way later in the story or for the developers to release them if they ever do.

So that's pretty much the game. I'm a huge FF fan so this definitely caters to my gaming style. I love the character designs, the animations during the battles. The bravery system is new to me, as well as the enhancement systems but you get used to it as you keep playing. Your more than welcome to try the tips above and you should be able to ease through story mode, and gain the weapons you're mostly interested in.

Are there any other games I should try out? I've been looking for an MMORPG, I've tried Ragnarok M, and DOFUS Touch, but their replay value isn't as good as this game. Please let me know your suggestions below.

Until next time,
Paul Dalusong

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